Bring the baby - Counselling for Postnatal Depression

Having a baby can be one of the most joyous but traumatic life experiences and bring up a range of unexpected and often overwhelming emotions. Being a Mum or Dad can leave you exhausted, numb, struggling to cope, and many find it difficult or uncomfortable to discuss these feelings with friends or family members.  

A period of ‘baby blues’ following the birth of a child is completely normal but for some, this can develop into postnatal depression, something longer lasting and more serious. Whilst more common in women, studies have shown that postnatal depression can also affect men.  

‘Bring the baby’ sessions allow you to access counselling by bringing your baby to the session with you. As a Mum or Dad you may feel reluctant to leave your baby with someone else or perhaps you don’t feel that you have anyone around you to help with childcare. I can provide the counselling and support that you need in order to help you recover and get back to enjoying life.

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